Quick Start Tutorial

Get coding and comparing objects quickly. Introduces the syntax and how to work with the results effectively

Features Tutorial

Explore the cusomization and extensibility features. Compare objects they way you want them comparing.



var results = ZCompare.Compare(originalObject, modifiedObject);

Complex Objects

List<Supplier> originalSuppliers = SampleData.CreateSuppliers(8);
// updatedSuppliers contain all of our modifications. 
// We create them here on the fly and then we are going to modify them.
List<Supplier> updatedSuppliers = SampleData.CreateSuppliers(8);     
// We are going to make some modifications to our data - updatedSuppliers
updatedSuppliers.RemoveAt(0); // Delete a supplier
updatedSuppliers[0].Products[2].Description = "Description Updated";
updatedSuppliers[1].Products[1].Price = 19.99f;
updatedSuppliers[4].Status = SupplierStatus.Active;
updatedSuppliers.Add(SampleData.CreateSupplier(9)); // Create a new one
// Let's compare them 
ZCompareResults results = ZCompare.Compare(originalSuppliers, updatedSuppliers);