ZCompare is a full autonomous typesafe .Net object comparer. It provides deep comparison of objects with comprehensive yet simple results. There is no need for custom coding in the classes you want to compare, the process is completely autonomous and controllable. Object graphs are often complex and retriving relevant results from them can be challenging. With ZCompare you can drill into the results as you would with your object graph, specifying a node to get all the comparison results for that node.

As a developer you must of surely come accross the situation where you need to compare two or more objects. Hand cranking it can get results but it is cumbersome, error prone, inconsistent and a lot of work. ZCompare aims to overcome these problems, and more to provide powerful object comparison out of the box with no need to hand crank it to get results.

ZCompare lends itself to 'dirty form' scenarios where you want to know if a WinForm or a web page form has been modified. There is no need to laboriously track each field on the form for changes with bespoke code. ZCompare will report the differences instantly out of the box with one line of code.

ZCompare is ideal for auditing. Anywhere where versions of objects are stored over a transactional lifetime for example, then these objects can be compared instantly and modifications highlighted, again with one line of code.

ZCompare provides complete, comprehensive type coverage.